The Polish developers of People Can Fly, responsible for titles such as PainkillerGears of War: Judgment, and Bulletstorm, are working on two new triple-A games.

This is what we learn directly from Sebastian Wojciechowski, head of the board of directors and majority shareholder of the company. Apparently, these two titles in development are expected by 2024 and will each have a different publisher: Square-Enix and Take-Two . In case you were wondering, no, Outriders, a title already announced for some time and in the pipeline on current and next-gen is not one of them.

” I can now openly state that we are working on two new AAA titles, which, like Outriders, are developed in collaboration with international publishers, Square-Enix and Take-Two Interactive. The games are now in creation under the codename Gemini. and Dagger and plan to publish them by the end of 2024. “.

What titles could they ever be? Of course, without clues of any kind, we can’t say for sure. Fans of the studio, however, have one hope: a new Bulletstorm.

The fast-paced first-person shooter of 2011 has won the hearts of many players, thanks to the adrenaline-pumping action and pure arcade spirit. Unfortunately, the title did not turn out to be a sales success and the IP was kindly put aside.

It was later revived in 2017 to make current-gen remastered versions on Xbox One and PS4, only to receive an exclusive version for Nintendo Switch just last year.

Could this be the right time for a high-budget Bulletstorm comeback? Or will People Can Fly launch into the creation of new IPs? There is time until 2024 to find out.