Bryce Harper signs a contract in the millions to... how to Play Fortnite?

Bryce Harper signs a contract in the millions to… how to Play Fortnite?

| 2019 Getty Images, Getty Images North America

While the season of Major League Baseball continues on we will see by the negotiations between the union, the owners and the commissioner Manfred, the players are still looking for ways to stay entertained while waiting for in one way or another, the campaign is put in place, how, for example, Bryce Harper, who spends his evenings playing Fortnite and doing streams on Twitch.

However, no matter how mundane it seems, Harper has given dividends to spend their days in front of the console, as according to Adam Stern of The Sports Business, baseball players of the Phillies of Philadelphia along with his agent, Scott Boras, have signed an agreement with the company gaming Loaded to grow the presence of Harper in the video game industry how to streamer.

No doubt thanks to that agreement, Harper will be able to monetize and earn millions of dollars thanks to their streams of Fortnite and their gameplays, and could even open the door to the world of ESports and become a gamer professional how you Can combine their careers in the baseball along with the controls? It is very likely.