The authors of the Shelters are now faced with the development of a decidedly more ambitious game that presents itself as an MMORPG, or a small Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG in which few players will meet to transform each encounter into a truly memorable experience called Book of Travels.

Until now there has been no way to take an in-depth look at Book of Travels, but now a video has been released lasting about half an hour that shows us the first steps in the game. For starters, character creation is familiar to RPG players. You will choose a “form”, compared to class, background, personality, and skills. During the creation, you can choose the positive and negative traits of your character, with the possibility of manually writing his story.

In the world, the developer explores what is off the main road, such as stopping to pat a pig, talk to a child who wants nails for the treehouse, and avoid a group of bandits. Halfway through, a skill is used that transforms the character into a deer that can gallop around the world faster than a human. In the game, you can stop to collect reagents for magic, go fishing, and trade with the blacksmith. There are also elements of survival such as fatigue and hunger, which according to the developer are not “the main aspect” of the game but still important. Without further ado, we leave you to watch the movie.

Book of Travels will go into early access starting next year.