The patch 10.10 of Teamfight Tactics landed last may 13 to all the customers of League of Legends, changing slightly the goal of the game.

In addition to new galaxies and various changes to some existing ones, the important thing was the great nerf he suffered Poppy in the capacity of their shield and the damage you caused with your ability.

In addition, Twisted Fate he also saw its power reduced, so that the composition based on the hyperroll Poppy + Sorcerers because it’s not trendy, nor is it as powerful.

That said, even though there has been a few days to test what is better in this patch 10.10, we wanted to emphasise what you can play to ensure a top 4 or, at least, don’t go quickly in the game.

What comps are the most viable in the patch 10.10?

As I always say, Teamfight Tactics is a game in which you can explore a wide variety of composition, both by changes to objects, such as combinations unimaginable with spatulas and others.

In fact, it is not always viable to follow certain compositions. As I explained in this articleif you get a Galaxy of Neekoverso or Force of Nature in the round 3-1, it is advisable to look for some other hyperroll.

Okay, but whatwhat is strong in this patch? We are going to review some of the compositions that are going to give result yes or yes until eclosione how strong the upgrade.

To begin with, the most solid option to make sure a top in the games is Fighters + Gunners (Brawler Blasters), a composition that takes several patches making noise and still good:

Brawler Blasters

The key to composition is to try to get to Jinx as soon as possible, either at level 6 or 7 and equipped with one or two Giant Slayer (greatsword + bow) and a Guardian Angel.

Miss Fortune it would be the last piece in incorporate, and the goal is to have 4 Gunners and 4 Fighters, accompanied by 2 Clock for the buff of attack speed.

On the other hand we have the hyperroll of Heavenly which we already explained in the patch 10.9; still going strong, and it is crucial to get Caitlyn and Xayah to level 3 as quickly as possible.

Hyperroll of Heavenly

In addition, we will add to Rakan, Ashe and Kassadin to complete the 4 heavenly, and we will give you all the objects of damage to Xayah (Last Words, Edge of Infinity, Sash, Giant Slayer…).

We continue with compositions family members of other patches. Infiltrators + Wickyes , still going strong. The idea of this composition, in addition to the Wick as soon as we leave Fizz, is to equip well Kai’Sa.

Mech + Infiltrates

Kai’Sa must take the object of Demolisher with an Archangel and a Morellonomicon, since his skills scale with AP. The object of tank Wick iran to Rumble, because, if you do not destroy it, this will be the most stamina.

Does the new composition of this goal?

During these first few days of patch 10.10 has seen the dawn of a “new” composition based on Kayle, with Valkyries and Reapers Mana.

Kayle Valkyrie + Reapers Mana

As you can see in the image, the key is Kayleit should be equipped with a Cannon rapid fire, a Guinsoo and then a defensive item, either Sash, Claw, Trap, or Guardian Angel.

Next to it should be Miss Fortune (before Kai’Sa for the buff of Valkyrie) for that Kayle does more damage to units wounds. The rest, Reapers Mana, Chronos, and even Space Pirates to accompany.

Even so, and as always, we’ll leave you with this page call you can see the statistics of the target, as well as where is updated a tier list of compositions on a daily basis.