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Best Runes and Objects for the new Volibear – League of Legends patch 10.11


The client League of Legends updated and with the arrival of the patch 10.11 the Invokers were found with the expected rework of Volibear. The champion account with new skills and stats, so its gameplay has completely changed. Below you will see the best Runes and Items to get the most out of your games.


The primary option that you will choose to go to Jungle with the new Volibear is the Conqueror. Volibear is a fighter that will be able to keep in the fight for a good time, cause a lot of damage and be a great line frontal in fights extended, but will also have a confrontation hand-to-hand very strong.

When choosing objects, you should focus on cooldown Reduction as soon as you can. Sword of the Stalker Enchantment: Warrior will be the best object of jungle thanks to his damage and 10% CdR. Appearance Spiritual should be your next object and then follow it up with Heart of Ice or Blade Dark. Ninja Tabi Boots or Mercury depending on the situation, and then opt for objects of a tank, as Armor Stone, Plaque, Dead Man’s, Layer of Solar Fire or Helm Adaptable depending on the situation.

Build Ideal:

The second viable option for Volibear is based on being a tank initiator. Your damage will hardly be able to kill an enemy, but if the only thing you need is to start and endure while your allies deal damage to the enemies, Runes of Value are the right choice.

For objects, this time you’ll be on the Enchantment: Ash on your Sword of the Stalker. Then you will try to earn the highest amount of cooldown Reduction possible with the first two items, before you complete your itemizaciĆ³n tank with the Armor Warmog, and a selection of objects depending on if the damage of your enemy is physical, magical or hybrid.

Build ideal:

These runes are not recommended for Ranked Games, though Elo under (Gold or less) could become quite powerful. They are more fun to use and definitely you’ll want to make ganks whenever possible to get ahead.

The scaling of damage of the abilities of Volibear makes it possible to use it with Lethality, although it is not the ideal choice. Even so, you can have a little fun with the damage is sudden that will cause, mainly with his the final analysis, to have the itemizaciĆ³n complete.

Build Ideal:

Magic Damage – Burst
As the Lethality, we do not recommend using Vintage Dark in Ranked Games, although they might also be strong in Elo underto achieve a good number of brands will allow you to clear opponents of the game with only one combo, so that is another of the Runes are fun to use with Volibear.

Your passive and abilities will benefit from the scaling of the Magic Damage, so it is also possible to use these objects with Volibear, but do not want to use unless your team needs magic damage or try to have a good time in a normal game.

Build Ideal:

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