Security when you surf the internet and the protection of your privacy are the primary goals of the best antivirus 2020 for Windows 10

Every time you access the internet, perhaps from a public network in a coffee shop or station, open an email with a suspicious attachment or download an app from a website, you are running a risk. To browse online safely with your Windows 10 computer, you need an antivirus that protects your data.

Among the tools necessary to guarantee online safety and surf by lowering the risk of running into a virusmalwareransomware, or phishing attempts, you must rely on adequate antivirus programs. Not everyone knows that Windows 10 is equipped with its own antivirus, Microsoft Defender Antivirus, which already keeps you safe in the normal operations you carry out from home with your computer. There are several antiviruses that you can use in the free version and that protect you properly, but to have complete protection it is often necessary to pay and here we offer you some of the best 2020 antiviruses for Windows 10.

Antivirus, the characteristics it must have

There are some characteristics that must be common to every good antivirus in order to adequately protect you and meet your needs. The first is certainly effectiveness, that is, the degree of protection it offers in real-time against viruses, malware, and ransomware. In this characteristic, the occupation of system resources must also be considered: an antivirus software must not weigh down the PC but carry out its work without slowing it down.

And if you are willing to pay for complete protection, before buying an antivirus you can check for any discounts or offers on the manufacturer website, which also varies according to how many PCs and devices to be protected are included in the subscription package. A separate chapter is a privacy : a good antivirus must know how to monitor what happens to your PC and protect your data, with the help, for example, of a password manager, and with cloud backup.

Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Windows 10 offers a completely free tool for protecting your computer from viruses. Microsoft Defender Antivirus, the evolution of Windows Defender, protects your PC from viruses, malware, and ransomware in real-time, blocks new threats when you download and potentially malicious applications. The antivirus from Microsoft is installed by default on Windows 10 devices and switches off when you install a third-party antivirus. If the antivirus is disabled, Microsoft Defender is back in action, without the need for reinstallation and protects you.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Another free program is Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, which offers powerful yet lightweight protection for your Windows 10 computer. Just download and run it to take advantage of your computer’s online protection from major web threats, despite its minimalist approach. The free version also offers automatic upgrades, for constant protection from new viruses. To access the additional features, which include Advanced Threat Defense, multi-layered ransomware protection, anti tracker, microphone and webcam control, anti-phishing, privacy firewall, and parental control you have to pay.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection antivirus only offers a free 30-day trial version, then your subscription will activate. This program also offers Total Protection features, from real-time online protection as you browse from viruses, malware and ransomware, anti-phishing features, password manager protection of your credentials, firewall and identity protection, as well as encrypted storage of your data

Avira Free Security

free version of Avira Free Antivirus Security is available for Windows 10, which offers the ability to scan your computer for viruses, malware, and other threats, firewall protection, secure VPN connection, and performance optimization to keep your PC down. In the paid versions, on the other hand, important features are added regarding real-time protection from threats, password manager, blocking annoying ads, and privacy protection.

Norton 360 – All-in-One Security

Norton 360 – All-in-One Security is an antivirus that protects both your devices and your online privacy in a single solution, but its services are paid only. Antivirus keeps you safe from viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing. Furthermore, it features a password manager to help you manage your credentials, a cloud backup system for your most important data. Norton 360 also offers a VPN service, to securely access the web when connected from Wi-Fi, especially when traveling, a Firewall system that monitors your PC and blocks unauthorized traffic, and a SafeCam system that alerts you if someone tries to access the webcam without permission. For the little ones, it also offers a parental control service and above all a “satisfied or refunded” clause if it fails to keep your PC safe from a virus.