Riot Games redoubles efforts against behaviors antideportivos in League of Legends

Since the start of season 10, Riot Games has increased its efforts in the fight against the behaviors antideportivos in League of Legends. Along with some plans for the future of the game , Riot Games to wanted to share with his community what measures you have in mind.

The strategy of Riot Games it consists essentially in the reform of the reporting system. A first step will be to test certain improvements to the system. Although these improvements are only available in NA for the moment it is expected that, if they work well, are implemented globally in a few weeks. This change is expected to significantly increase the number of sanctions. The following happened would be to modify as generate notifications of sanctions.

It is also expected that the beginning of the second quarter of the season is to implement the possibility to report to angry players on the same selection of champion. With this Riot intended to tackle the problem of the trollpicks and of the players who misuse the chat. However, this system only collects information in its early days. Later Riot will implement the entire system when you have enough data to make a fair system.

Finally, the developer has wanted to share its concern with regard to the cheats as much in League of Legends as in the rest of their games. That is why we have committed to publish a newsletter on a anti-cheat every 18 months where you will detail the situation of each game.

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