League of Legends celebrate the end of his World Championship this Sunday, November 10, where they will face teams Funplus Phoenix of China, against G2 Esports of Europe, in front of 20 thousand people in the stadium AccorHotels Sandwho may witness a special show of the band virtual True Damageled by Becky G, the first artist with a Latin influence that participates in the largest event of eSports.

The end of the World of League of Legends it will be held in the stadium AccorHotels Sandlocated in Paris, Francebut if you live in Mexico, you’ll be able to see it live at 06:00 hours from the City of Mexico from the official channels Riot Games.

The presentation of True Damagethat , in addition to having Becky G it is made by Keke Palmer, SOYEON (G)I-DLE, DUCKWRTH and Thutmosewill take place during the opening ceremony, which will be interpreted by the simple “GIANTS”.

In an interview with MILLENNIUM, Becky G told us all about his participation in the final of League of Legendshis collaboration with Riot Games and its role as Latin in the most important event of the eSports.

MILLENNIUM: What motivated you to get involved as an artist in the world of video games and particularly with a game like League of Legends?

Becky G: The world of video games is a totally different world for me as an artist, but this event is one very large one; we’ve worked hard on this project, then I feel very proud to be a part of League of Legends.

M: what can you tell Us a little bit about the process of working with Riot Games for the development of this collaboration? and how was the preparation for the presentation during the end of Worlds?

BG: Work on this project has been a very different experience for me as an artist. For example, when working on my first album, even though it took a long time, we had several songs and not (took) so long to work on the disk. But in this project with league of Legends and Riot Game has been a very long process and has given me different stages in the process, to record the songs we don’t know how many times to visit the studio to record a song. When they showed me the different concepts for the presentations, the different versions for the videos, have been a few months, I tell you honestly.

M: what are you most excited about this presentation? “What would you like to convey to your fans and the fans of League of Legends?

BG: I am very excited for different reasons to be part of this event, for the reason first of all to be side-by-side of different talent, for us latinos, the collaborations are at the top and I believe that to bring a little bit of that style to something like League of Legends is amazing; also be part of a movement that is growing every day, is a public that is living in this world, if you have played League of Legends you know that is a world total, to be in front of the public is going to be something very different for me that excites me a lot.

M: is there Anything else you’d like to share with the audience?

BG: To all my people that are watching, thank you very much for all the support you have given me, they have to be present, in seeing the presentation that we have prepared for League of Legends. And also if you haven’t heard my first album in Spanish, Bad santa, go and take a look. Kisses.