In the latest investor meeting, EA confirmed that Battlefield 6 (or whatever title will have the next chapter) is already in development, with a release scheduled for late 2021.

Of the title, of course, we know nothing and, considering the classic timing for announcements of this type, so it will be until next summer. The only information available to us is related to the statements of some insiders, who provide for a return to the modern setting, 128-player multiplayer, and an extra battle royale mode. Whether or not to trust their statements, as always, is entirely subjective.

To this information, reliable or not, we can add a new one, equally dubious but interesting enough to share: according to Anton Logvinov, head of FXA Studio, a Russian insider who in the past had anticipated the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, the next Chapter of the Battlefield series may take a different direction than hardcore fans want.

Specifically, he claims: ” Battlefield 6 may not be what fans of the series want, but it still plays well. “

The question arises: what do you mean by this? Anton did not clarify his message with an additional tweet, so these are the only words available to us.

Could it adapt faster Call of Duty- style gameplay? An arcade direction? Cell-shaded graphics? Honestly, the phrase can mean anything and everything, but we feel that for hardcore Battlefield fans, it’s a statement to consider.

We, of course, invite you to consider this rumor as such and do not give it undue importance, until we receive official statements from EA.

However, if true, what would you change on a future Battlefield?