Through its web site, League of Legends informed its users that their forums will no longer be functional through a process that has already started. Currently you can visit and read, but can’t comment, then, on the 16th of march, dropping them completely.

Currently has been given a kind of term for that users who used the forum to take out any important content. From Riot assume that there were people who used it regularly, but that popularity had fallen progressively.

In good measure, this is due to the growing popularity of sites like Reddit, which have their own subs of video games. In the same case with the subreddit of LoL, in the statement they claim that not only the players have migrated there, but even many rioters.

Finally, they had words of gratitude and farewell to those who worked moderating voluntarily in the forums.

“We want to take to give a special recognition to our volunteers! With great passion for helping players in their local regions, they have done a tremendous job to answer questions and create content”indicated.

“These members of the community who have spent countless hours helping players on the forums, thank you for all you have done! We will soon begin a new stage and we are excited to discover together the best ways to leverage our platform,” they added.