Do you remember the turn-based PvP game Atlas Reactor from Trion? The game is now returning under Gamigo – but as a co-op PvP game.

What was Atlas Reactor? Trion’s game was kind of a mixture of Overwatch and XCOM. You could choose between several heroes, each with different skills. You then had to use these wisely in the tactical round-the-clock battles against other players in order to achieve victory.

To do this, it was necessary to be the first to kill 5 or to achieve the most victories within 20 rounds. The team that did this first won the round. There was also a 1-on-1 mode for duels.

The return of a game that has already been discontinued

Why did the game fail? Atlas Reactor just couldn’t inspire enough players. It started as a Free2Play game, then briefly switched to a premium model, only to switch back to Free2Play.

Atlas Reactor was something special because of the round-robin fighting and the tactical possibilities, but that just didn’t match the zeitgeist. Therefore, it was discontinued at the end of June 2019.

How is the game returning now? Gamigo announced that they would be bringing back Atlas Reactor under the new title Atlas Rogues. However, the name isn’t the only thing that’s changing.

  • Instead of PvP battles, you can now experience cooperative PvE battles
  • Four of you fight against NPC enemies
  • The story is in the foreground
  • You can unlock new heroes over time
  • In the missions, you will receive rewards such as new equipment
  • It is possible to play Atlas Rogues even alone in a single-player mode
  • The round battles from Atlas Reactor are also retained in Atlas Rogue but should be faster

What is the story about? The last reactor in the city of Atlas is about to explode. To prevent this, heroes come together to stand up against hostile forces in order to save the reactor from detonation.

You fight your way through several places in the city, where even bosses are waiting for you. It is necessary to use the tactical possibilities of the individual heroes in the team.

How can a PvP game be converted into a PvE game? As it turned out, during the development phase, Atlas Reactor had a prototype narrative player co-op. The developers have now quasi revived this and are developing it further.

When will Atlas Rogues be released? The co-op PvE game will initially start in an early access phase. The date will be announced in the coming days.

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