Assassin’s Creed Valhalla hides an avalanche of easter eggs, dedicated to different people and franchises, such as the Harry Potter house in Lunden. Among small and medium quotes, there is also a macroscopic easter egg which, despite the apparent obviousness, was discovered only a short time ago.

This is a quote from the Lord of the Rings and, if you take a look at the clues scattered around, you will understand that this is not a randomly placed secret, but something well researched.

On the west side of Gloucester, the in-game version of Gloucester, you’ll find a community of heathens living in houses covered in grass and moss. In one of these houses there is a particular note that reads:

” One of the little guys asked me to make a smaller door, as he doesn’t want to have unwanted guests around. After all the chaos that happened with the druid last fall, I understand his point of view. “

Looking closely at the surroundings, it is difficult not to compare the pleasant village to Hobbiton, the hobbits’ hometown, just as it is not difficult to compare the description of the note to the meeting between Bilbo / Frodo (the little guy) and Gandalf (the druid). As if that were not enough, you can very well see a golden ring next to the aforementioned note, so we can say that this is not a coincidence.

The easter egg would be complete as it is, but there is more: JRR Tolkien, author of the Lord of the Rings novels, visited Gloucester, the real region of England, during an archaeological expedition and was in that area who found the ancient Roman ruins of Dwarf’s Hill, named after the ancient Anglo-Saxons.

According to tradition, only dwarves and gnomes could live in that area: this was precisely the basis on which Tolkien was inspired to create the Hobbits in his novels.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla therefore not only paid homage to the author’s work, but also the birth of his novels, placing the easter egg in the exact area of ​​his “conception”. A tribute on several levels.

What do you think? Have you already found this easter egg on your own?