A few days ago we brought you the news that both Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion for PS4 cannot be updated with the next-gen update because it is not displayed on the store.

Ubisoft had announced to investigate this issue, drawing up a not-so-immediate solution. To date, almost two weeks after the launch of PlayStation 5, the update is still not present. Obviously, this thing does not go down to the players, also because the company has not said anything about it anymore.

Now, via Twitter, the official Ubisoft Support account stated the following: ” We are aware that UK players are having trouble updating the physical version of these games. We are working to fix this and can confirm that anyone who encountered this issue will still be eligible for the free upgrade. Stay tuned for more information. “

Apart from the ongoing investigations, Ubisoft has made no other statements about it – stay tuned with us to find out more.