The new Volibear is already in Summoner’s Rift, with a rework that renewed completely the champion, and, above all, makes it much more powerful than before.

Visually speaking, the new Volibear is amazing, in addition to having some unique animations and the aura related to the storm and the thunder that joint perfectly with your lore.

How do you get the new look for free?

Riot Games, with the occasion of the rework, is going to give away the look of Volibear thousand scars to all players that meet the following requirements:

  • Having on property to Volibear before the 28th of may and before the version 10.11
  • Buy Volibear since may 28, the next 10 of June to get it
  • Volibear does it cost 4800 essences blue, or 880 RP.

Riot Games points out that, to get the look, we will have to buy the champion, and restart the client. If we had to Volibear previously, just have to enter to League of Legends from the patch 10.11.

In addition, they have confirmed that this is something that I had not thought about other champions, but they have in mind to continue this type of promotion to encourage the purchase of champions with rtherefore,.