For eight weeks, HyperX launches HyperX Showdown, a series of live broadcasts via the Twitch streams where they will compete between if a wide range of celebrities.

HyperX Showdown

From this 16 of June, in a very few days, HyperX will pass competitions with weekly format where are going to be involved personalities from the world of entertainment in general, sports or musicin a series that is going to call HyperX Showdown.

In HyperX Showdown we will also be able to see the most recognized streamers in all the platforms. This kind of event will have a duration of 8 weeks and in them, we will be able to see all these celebrities compete in titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone, NBA 2K, Fortnite, Madden and so many others.

HyperX Showdown

The first event is scheduled so that we can see through the channel of Twitch of HyperX Tuesday, June 16 at 3 p. m. ET, where they will be competing among themselves two music stars such as Afrojack and Nicky Romero, by couple with two professional players of the Royal Ravens England play Call of Duty: Warzone.

While there are still going to announce more personalities recognized, so far, we know that already, they said yes characters such as those mentioned above, Afrojack and Nicky Romero, Offset, Future, Young Thug and sports stars as Gordon Hayward (Boston Celtics), JuJu Smith-Schuster (Pittsburgh Steelers), Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur FC). ), Philip Forsberg (Nashville Predators), DeMarcus Cousins (NBA All Star), Mikal Bridges (Phoenix Suns), Onyeka Okongwu (2020 NBA Draft Prospect), Cole Anthony (2020 NBA Draft Prospect) and Joc Pederson (Los Angeles Dodgers).

HyperX is thrilled to bring together a diverse mix of athletes, artists, performers, and players to the HyperX Showdown. Given the current situation of the people who are at home and can’t visit sporting events or live sports, we wanted to create a unique entertainment experience for our community and the world in general to enjoy and experience together“. Words of Dustin Illingworth, marketing manager, influencers of HyperX.

HyperX Showdown

HyperX it is a mark of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., who was associated with StockX for this particular event. StockX it is the first stock market in the world of running shoes, clothing and collectiblesand with them are going to be giving away running shoes during the live broadcast.

In essence, StockX has to do with access: access to the products that people love and that they could not otherwise find. As the world continues adjusting to a new normal is rooted in digital experiences, we have remained committed to finding innovative ways to provide this access in a consistent manner, and this partnership is a unique opportunity to celebrate the convergence of cultures derived from fast-growing community of games, ranging from major sports and entertainment to the street culture and sports, “ he said Tom Woodger, vice president of marketing cultural StockX.

Within this series called HyperX Showdown you are going to have a couple of special events. Of all the events you are going to choose to that athlete who best represented the spirit of competition and camaraderie that is sought, and shall be appointed as the brand ambassador for 2021. How could it be otherwise, HyperX as the organiser of the event is to provide technical and logistical support to guide or help different athletes with respect to everything that has to do with the games.

HyperX Showdown

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the company Excel Sports Management it is also part of HyperX Showdown supporting the brand since the best they can do: provide strategic guidance related to the development and management that involves athletes of high-profileas is the case of this great event.

In Excel, we have embraced the cross over between traditional sports and e-sports, especially at a time when athletes have turned to digital media to interact with their fans during the suspension of the league. We facilitate the relationship between HyperX and StockX as a way of bringing two brands of related ideas to produce compelling content, and since then we have taken on the role of getting talent to participate and increase the excitement of the events each week, “ he said Matt Davis, vice president of Excel Sports Management.

If you want to get more information and knowing all that makes the HyperX for gaming and e-sportsyou can find out by logging in the web site of the brand.

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