Two days ago, players of Fortnitesaw the game a watch that marks a countdown (with the name Midas). Is the time left for the final event that will mark the end of the season 2.

While there is much more information on the subject, the certainty is that the event will begin Saturday, 30 may at 17:05 hours. Some evidence to realize that that appearance would be related to the machine the End of the World of Midas.

The developer of the game, Epic Games, it will enable a mode to see the event in streaming. There are millions of players in the world who will want to attend, so it is suggested to go several minutes before it starts.

The new season of battle royale will arrive in June. And weeks ago the players could find different items in the game that marked indication of what may happen in the end of this stage.

Weeks ago began to be seen in the map pools, and some speculation that they pointed out that several areas of the game would suffer flooding during this event the end of season 2.

Also, other users said that there are hatches in the map that will be activated when you started the countdown (so that the theory of the flood could be real). The third season will begin the June 4.

Marketing strategies in the game

After that, weeks ago, the rapper Travis Scott made his virtual tour “Astronomical Tour” in the game, follow the innovations within the game. Fortnite has been used to promote film releases and 3 days ago, it was possible to see the last trailer “Tenet”.

As a successful marketing strategy to reach millions of players, you were able to see progress of the movie by Christopher Nolan. According to Geoff Keighley, a journalist of gaming, on his Twitter account, in the next few months, the idea of the company, in addition, is to issue a full movie of Nolan (that would not be this last release) free within the game.