Bioware is a legendary developer however their final effort with Mass Impact: Andromeda left quite a bit to be desired. Anthem, a model new IP, developed by lots of the very same staff that labored on the Bulk Impact Trilogy equivalent to Executive Producer Case Hudson, is lastly right here after 7 many years of improvement. The recreation makes an attempt to shake the timeless Bioware formulation by delving to GaaS land.

Anthem Review (PS4)

Now on the subject of loot drops, the sport fails to make high-rank rewards price it. There’s merely not that massive of a distinction between a Rare and Legendary weapon of the identical sort, outdoors of some skills that don’t have an effect on gameplay that a lot. Plus throughout my playtime, I’ve observed a number of weapons having weapons that contradict one another canceling themselves out, which makes you assume if there was ample QA achieved earlier than the sport’s launch.