Utilization Macedonian Phalangites, Greek Hoplites, Indian Elephants, Scythed Chariots, Persian Cavalry, Catapults, Archers, Slingers, and lots of different unit varieties to interact in basic battles. Three campaigns that allow you to refight Alexander’s battles within the neighborhood of Greece and Macedonia, together with the battle of Chaeronea. The second marketing campaign follows his drive to overcome the Achaemenid Persian Empire, whereas having to cope with rebellious Spartans in Greece. Finally Alexander’s effort in India, ending within the epic battle of Hydaspes, along with the Macedonian Pike Phalanx versus the lots of Indian Elephants.

Essential Game Feature:
* High Definition Graphics.
* 7 Mission Tutorial Campaign.
* 8 Mission Greece Campaign playable because the Macedonians or their opponents the Athenians, Thebans, Illyrians, Getae, Thracians and Triballians.
* 7 Mission Persia Campaign playable because the Macedonians or their opponents the Achaemenid Persians and Spartans. *]All assignments, besides the tutorial, could also be carried out as both facet.
* 5 Mission India Campaign playable because the Macedonians or their opponents that the Classical Indians and Scythians.
* 48 Unique Ancient Units.
* Thorough Combat Analysis.
* Strategic Movement.
* Thorough Reference Charts.
* Flank Attacks.


Before starting Early Battle Alexander SKIDROW Free Download make sure that your PC meets minimal system necessities.


* OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
* Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equal
* Memory: 2 GB RAM
* Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 supporting graphics card
* Storage: 1 GB accessible area