Team SoloMid and Dignitas came into the rift in a series of support from the bottom of the second round.

With the playoffs LCS now in the second round, we came to the time of removal! TSM was in the lower field after a surprising defeat with the account 0: 3. before the Golden Guardians on Thursday. Again what happened in the series between Team SoloMid (“TSM”) and Team Dignitas (“DIG”).

Game one

The first game in the series will always stand out the signal that this match was to DIG and TSM and tone, of course, was created from the beginning. Broken Blade got first blood after the ambush double jungle on the trail that sees TP flying from the middle lane to help their teams. Shen gets a double death with Spica in the Pavement. TP Bjergsen ends first, this means that in the beginning can help in the fight. Fenix is joined second, but gets her own double death before falling from Bjergsen. Top laners both TP retreating to fight again, but decided to keep the elimination of waves.

Before the game begins to develop in the game with collecting DIGITAL first Rift Herald, and death after Doublelift Aphromoo used his book of spells to enter into battle and to make a big step to meet the goal. DIG is used in the upper part of the Rift Herald later, but the game is not working. While the rift gets into the tower diving and losing two members, quickly, in just one exchange. The protracted battle sees the fall of 3 other members of the DIG, although elegant set of legs Johnson allows them to share 2 ago. DIG took a second Rift Herald, and when in the game it is about 20 minutes, I was near the neck of the neck.

Within 30 minutes, and 1 Baron on the stock exchange, TSM began the rotation of the screws and lock DIG. TSM happens to raise, the second Baron from DIG that, it seems that step was surprised. They moved forward almost 5K in about 33 minutes, until they sought to close the game, single. TSM pushed for the benefit of the Baron for the lower handrail, took a few people just in case and won DIG into the game with a delay that the series would be a perfect start.

Facts and figures:

Time: 35:12
Death: 10:13
Turret: 3-9
Gold: 60,7 k to 66.5 k
Dragons: 2-3
Barons: 0-2

Two games

It was a match between two much more dominant for the TSM because it has maintained constant pressure throughout the match to claim victory. First blood collects to DIG, and Kayne causes all kinds of problems. Killed in battle before killing Zoe in the Pavement when DIG took a little start. However, the initial advantage in the game no NUMBERS, however, the ICC increased the pressure and DIG are just not enough resources to stop them. TSM entered 12. minutes with a difference of 3K, as it seemed, we almost finished to DIG.

The third “dragon” on the map, DIG wanted to make a step to change the game. On the one hand, V1per, DIG looked in a good place, but TSM all catches and starts a fight with a good beginning for the achievement of death. Fenix had other ideas, pushing TSM during the fight, able to get a quadra kill, when to DIG out from 4 to 2, but don’t get Drake, because TSM is returned immediately after to restore it. killing Dardoch at the time they moved to Baron. TSM tried to make a move, but Fenix again just to pieces to leave the target. Dragon souls to the place of birth, TSM moves on the upper side, and he took the deceleration of the air as they began to demand representation on purpose.

DIG could take the soul, but also to protect your base in motion tracking, you give TSM a baronet for free. TSM began to strengthen its grip until despejaban completely bans DIG the dragon souls back. Dardoch ends with the cause of the fall of your page when it gets to the jungle, while TSM chases and crashes, to DIG in and compete for the win.

Facts and figures:

Time: 31:03
Death: 7-21
Turret: 2-11
Gold: k to 48.6 to 58.6 k
Dragons: 1-3
Barons: 0-1

Three games

TSM 3-0 quickly closed, when the direction to DIG to keep alive his dream on the MC. First blood was transferred to TSM from Spica, makes a move in the direction of the lanes above, V1per it won Camille the ultimate when Bjergsen ends with a rail on top, to make sure in his death. The murder exchange is fast in the lower rail, when DIG gets the killing twice, the first Draco. TSM can get the first tower of the game continued by transferring gold to the side of Camilla. TSM maintains the pressure during the early stages of the party, despite the fact that DIG has chosen a different dragon, so that they sought to use dragons to force TSM to get one in exchange.

22 min., DIG argues, soul points with TSM reacts too slowly, adding anything unnecessary pressure on the game. DIG, rushing from the well, TSM wanted to rush to fight the trace. DIG’s doing everything he can to escape, but they are on the wrong side of the card. Thoughts quickly Bjergsen see, to remember, and the last thing for FEET and pinzarlos in the TSM jungle. Although it takes a lot of time, TSM is getting an ACE and moved the Baron to look to close the series. Profit Baron in hand, TSM entered into the database of DIG-cleaning bans, trying to complete the game in 30 minutes.

TSM continued to insist, managed, murder, and, in the end, brought a quick victory in the series with the score 3: 0 as they advance in the playoffs LCS. DIG is now drawn to 2021.

Facts and figures:

Time: 28:00
Death: 9-3
Turret: 11-1
Gold: 54k, or 41.9 k
Dragons: 1-3
Barons: 1-0