Evil Geniuses and FlyQuest came to the rift in the second series of the playoffs.

After all, the playoffs LCS is officially in full swing! TSM and Golden Guardians struggled yesterday to get into the leaderboard, and today published the results of the LCS team All-Pro and Evil Geniuses (EG) and FlyQuest (“FLY”) fought in their own, better – five. Here’s everything that happened in this match!

Game one

In the game, both teams came out swinging in the first game. Swain and Hecarim made his debut in this game, it seemed that the choice is very durable. This was especially true in the case of Quilty from PowerOfEvil, as he was a benefactor to gank and First Blood Santorin. Things improved even more, in order to fight the dragons six minutes), in which the said two deaths, while no member of the FLY died.

Now it seemed that EG is hard, but quickly it improved slightly. One group eliminated WildTurtle on the way to the bottom rail, while Huni only killed, but Only with your Hecarim on the rail above. A few minutes later, Huni even took a bonus on your First Tower by itself, although FLY grabbed the second dragon earlier. Hence, was very close. The teams exchanged goals at the map and found their own elections. Even was a great closure for PowerOfEvil.

But then everything fall apart for EG. 28 min., a quarrel broke out, in the computer, near the moat dragon where the FLY was looking for his soul. Here, PowerOfEvil only divided into zones of four members of the EU, while FLY focused fire on one. After that, FLY pursued them ruthlessly EG and killed them all in one ACE. As a result, also assured Mountain Soul and the Baron. Only he took the fight more dominant five zero in the computer FLY forward over the lower rail, and get his first win in the series.

Facts and figures:

Time: 32:41
Death: 17-5
Turret: 8-4
Gold: 59,7 k-k 52,2
Dragons: 4-1
Barons: 1-0

Two games

The second match was a disaster for the EU. although also lost the first match, at least it seemed competitive, but FLY ran the clinic here. It all began with the invasion level where PowerOfEvil got First Blood again. Exactly the same as the previous games, also got two deaths in the battle of the dragons six minutes, and he began 3/0.

Then FLY quickened the pace. 12 min., a quarrel broke out, in the computer, in the bottom of the map where the FLY came to a crisis, and connect five deaths in one. The next fight around the dragon was for credit EG rather closed from two to two deaths, but the FLY is still assured Ocean Dragon. After two minutes, 17 minutes, started another fight. this time at the top of the card. The EU started from a quick death, but Garen Only showed his power, causing two fatalities in their favor.

To be fair, the game isn’t completely out of hand for EXAMPLE. But will be soon. 21. minutes, the two teams met at the Cloud Dragon. With blood in his eyes, broke out another battle command, where once was a mass. Removed several members of the EU and helped his team to kill four Champions EG without losing one member. After that it was easy to take the Baron. When equipped with a profit, the Baron, FLY ruthlessly pushed his advantage, killing Champions EG several times before pushing to their Nexus and fall.

Facts and figures:

Time: 24:26
Death: 5-23
Turret: 1-8
Gold: 36,8 k-50,8 k
Dragons: 1-2
Barons: 0-1

Three games

And finally, back to the wall, for EXAMPLE, went to the furnace. In fact the game very much. It all started with the rail top, where the 2×2 was that Huni to secure First Blood on Santorini. From there, for EXAMPLE, he laid hold on the Dragon, Hell and Herald of the Crack, but when he tried using the top of the Herald struck his subjects, and never suffered. FLY then fell at the construction site to get a quick death.

EG kept her benefits, choice, Detective, though threw a few tasks on the FLY. In the middle of the game was a dead end from both teams, standing in two dragons apiece. However, about 30 minutes, turned into a dance, draped around the Baron. FLY continued his rush, but the EU is answered correctly and he denied. This led to the fact that the game can be finished in a long time.

There and back, it took a few minutes before the fight started in the middle lane is 37 minutes. Here, WildTurtle made the mistake of positioning is awful, being caught in the shock wave Orianna with Flash above. Even worse, after hitting Senna, In the end, I used Flash, but only brought the root-inevitably PowerOfEvil. Both bribes main roots, for EXAMPLE, immediately took the opportunity, most importantly, he provided them. This killing was. EG has removed four members on the FLY to open and close eyes and began to appeal directly to the database FLY and take your first Nexus series.

Facts and figures:

Time: 38:02
Death: 9-5
Turret: 7-3
Gold: 61,5 k is 58.3 k
Dragons: 2-3
Barons: 0-0

Game four

The fourth game was a tense back and forth, but in the end, for EXAMPLE, achieved another victory. Fans could feel the tension in the game, before there, because both teams tried to perform the movement, but not to overdo it too. As a result, only had a few goals. First Blood”, was released in 15 minutes, when three times more than the rail top and killed Goldenglue. A moment later, Huni and Goldenglue worked together again to kill Only once.

With this song, for EXAMPLE, I felt that they were over. The pressure was huge, and fly, he could feel it. Stagnation in the availability lasted until 29 minutes. This was a critical moment is important because the FLY has prepared a game for Goldenglue in the sidebar. They killed him quickly, but the EU fell. However, this worked in his favor because that means more deaths. FLY ended with the victory in the battle group of four to zero with the Baron, to download.

Hence, General knowledge I would say that the FLIGHT was in his head, but it wasn’t. In fact, tried to challenge the seizure EG Ocean Soul but during the battle that followed in the well, there was only one. However, for EXAMPLE, received a soul.

Disaster really hit FLY, 37 minutes. For EXAMPLE, the French Detective, which led, in essence, the Dragon, the old Man And Baron Nashor for free. This double super profit, it was too much to FLY that the US and EU separated the enemy base. Knocked down three inhibitors quite easily before you go further, reaching in some death and put it in the second Nexus. The script was ready for the potential sweep in the opposite five. Cue for Silver Scrapes.

Facts and figures:

Time: 41:02
Death: 6-10
Turrets: 4-11
Gold: 66,4 k-74,6 k
Dragons: 1-5
Barons: 1-1

Game five

It was a game to decide a series. This is also where FlyQuest returned to their form in the first two games. Had the most aggressive primary Investigator providing a great gank tool in just five minutes. Here, PowerOfEvil got a new First Blood. Santorin continue to go crazy, killing WildTurtle in the lower rail, and even murder in the upper zone of the enemy, Huni, only. Meanwhile, Santorin broke a few dragons and Lawyers to carry on, even further.

Half of the game, was still under the control of the FLY, because it is led by its three dragons, but the EU refused. Goldenglue first killed and then EG made the move in the bottom of the map to kill two of FLY. But it was not enough. 25 min., EG desperately tried to get the fourth dragon FLY, but Santorin was seized and stolen! With new injuries, FLY killed two members of the EU and turned away, the Baron, providing it with no problems.

Now it’s time FLY to make the final step. Sent Only half to dig there, while the main block, four men down. The EU was pushed to the limit and faced with few options, tried to kill Garen pointed out. Interestingly, just brought Goldenglue in the Realm of Death, 1 on 1, he won a landslide victory. Now a member, the EU has not managed to avoid that FLY arrasara base and aplastara Nexus the end to win the series.

Facts and figures:

Time: 29:35
Death: 10-5
Turret: 9-3
Gold: 54.0 k-48.8 k
Dragons: 4-0
Barons: 1-0

Image by LoL Esports.