Fortnite is going through one of its best moments currently. Recently had one of the moments most important cultural and memorable of the pandemic: a concert virtual Travis Scottthat completely transformed the map and brought us an unforgettable experience accompanied by visuals and a giant version of the rapper. Now, Epic Games prepares for the Season 3 of the battle royale.

As some of you know, the Season 2 of the online game was delayed. This happened mainly because of the pandemic, forcing the developers to maintain the game servers through telework. These were several falls, so that the priority of the company was to keep them stable while more and more people entered your game. For this reason, it lasted more than what was stated originally. However, we already have a date for it to end.

This will happen on the 4th of may. This was announced through the same game, in the cualese is a countdown to Doomsday. This is a mysterious event that will end this Season and, as is tradition, the map changes and game mechanics to offer a different experience. You don’t have any kind of information about what exactly is Doomsday. While some dug through game files to find out, the research is not paid off yet.

However, by the time many players have their own theories about what will happen. Part of the community expects the map to be flooded as part of Doomsday. This is because hatches that are under the water in different parts of the map have been activated. This could be a flood, total or partial of the island. In addition, this block with the appearance of a character that had been concocting lies some time ago: Aquaman.

This Season was starring Deadpool, who had their aspects and events in Fortnite. However, now would be the turn of DC Comics. Some filter-feeders found references to Aquaman in the game code, which would make sense if we consider that at least part of the map would be now under water. In addition, let us not forget that Doomsday is the name of a major character of DC, so that also fits with this theory.