All Knights defeated with a score of 3-2 to the champion Shortfin in the final of the tournament Opening 2020 and be proclaimed as the new king of the League Latin american video game League of Legends (LoL).

With this, the chilean team avenged the defeat of the final Closing, 2019, and became the first champion different to the shark in the ultimate competition in the region.

The final was special for Joaquin ‘Pleased’ Perez, who announced her retirement days before the match for the title and stayed with the distinction of the best player of the series.

The first item is the led Isurus after a mistake by Manuel ‘Pancake’ Scala, who wanted to steal the first baron of the game in a fight 5 against 1.

The shark won the maximum bonus from Summoner’s Rift, and with it the first point of the afternoon. Outside of this time, the game was even, with an All Knights proposing with a double murder at minute 10.

The knights tied the game 1-1 before Isurus thanks to a good game of Pleased, who was awarded a double murder in the bottom lane that helped close the game for the bottom lane.

Before the move for the chilean, Isurus fought before All Knights a elder dragon, but with the advantage of the bonus of the baron, the runner-ups won at the eliminate Ali ‘Seiya’ Bracamontes, Daniel ‘Jirall’ of the Castle and the chilean Fabian ‘Warangelus’ Plains.

In this second game, All Knights was superior to the shark to add a dragon soul of oceans and get a gold advantage of 10,000, in addition to throwing out nine of the 11 turrets of your opponent.

All Knights turned the match 2-1 after a comeback a start of Isurus, which started in a better way by appropriating dragons of the oceans, a baron, and the heralds who helped to open the map for the middle lane.

However, another good performance in the closing part of Pleased we went around to a party to steal a baron at 28, which seemed no problem for the shark, but a theft of Pancake and a double murder of carrilero central helped Isurus stay with only Oddie live

In the fourth game Seiya woke up. The player with the most titles in Latin america gave the 2-2 draw at Isurus adding six murders, in the fourth game of the day.

The double king Latin so could be higher in a game, shut down as a lead of more than 12 thousand of gold, and do not let out any dragon.

With the help of a soul of the oceans, the argentine team won in the fights for the team, one of them key, the minute 22, in which they killed Pancake, the Korean Park ‘Jisu’ Jin-cheol, argentina’s Leandro ‘Newbie’ Frames and Pleased to stay with the baron.

With the maximum bonus in summoner’s rift and the recovery of life that gave them the soul of the oceans, the champion prepared the party to close it by the top rail 29.

The title went to All Knights with a extermination to Isurus for the bottom lane, in a game in which Pleased again to be a factor with four murders. In the game final, the chilean navy was superior, but it took on to close the match in the 44th minute.

The chileans only allowed him to escape a dragon of the clouds and made a soul of the underworld, in addition to a elder dragon in the final minutes of the game.