Democratic politics Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the member of the House of Representatives, is a well-known face within the gaming community, as she is one of the rare political personalities who, instead of demonizing video games as usual (especially in virtue of a school shooting), plays them openly and in front of everyone.

Already starring in a Twitch Livestream that has swept up viewers and visuals, Alexandria (also called AOC) recently returned to the platform for a new Among Us stream.

While the first stream was aimed at inciting American viewers to vote, this time it was for humanitarian purposes: to raise funds to be donated to people in need and suffering from the coronavirus.

The event, again a real success, managed to raise well over $ 200,000 in donations.

” We did it! $ 200K raised quickly and in a single Livestream, to fight evictions, provide food and more. This will make a big difference for those people who need it.

American politicians, who exploit new technologies to spread their message, are now steadily increasing, finally aware that the opinions of the youngest in the end “make up”.

The results, of course, are variable: if, on the one hand, we have AOC who can also use their young age to connect more easily with the current generation of gamers, on the other we have examples of “How do you do, fellow kids ? “, with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden who, with all the goodwill, between a Twitch channel and an Animal Crossing island, still have a lot to learn.

For the moment, we congratulate AOC on the money raised, hoping that it will be back soon in a new stream.