The SoloQ Challenge, the initiative of ElMillor, it has been a success. From the beginning to the end, the competition has enjoyed good health in viewers with great moments. Also with his polemics, but that is another separate topic.

What is important is that the entire community has come together and we have had some figures of the audience of a heart attack, of those that darkens and hides the majority of e-sports in this country. Then also, we have had various initiatives, such as the Bald Games or tournaments with Ibai.

And to be honest, it’s pretty sad that ElMillor has done more to grow to many players that their clubs. Because most of the clubs have proven to be, up to now, a zero in that subject. You have to spend more to put a shield, a money and then change them.

Have you come to Elm, that that was so toxic, that the Riot was not going to work because of his attitude I don’t know what, or that the clubs were not going to do anything because of her attitude I don’t know how many, to sit on the chair of what is a good action and a good plan.

My conclusion is that there is a world where Influencers and competition can be mutually supportive, from the most serious to the least. However, and after ten years, in Spain we still use a lot of that resource. And I’m still not understanding the reason.

There are already two examples of hybrid models can work. We are talking about Esportmaníacos and The small piece. Yes, it is based on the competition, but is intrinsically related to the model of influencer, how they work, their contents and their characters.

LVP tested at the beginning of the season of CS:GO that a group of influencers will end the stream just in time to start the competition and I do host. It was a first interesting step, and that brought some visit. But, what about in League of Legends? It is as if there is an invisible barrier. A barrier that separates one world from another.

And I don’t know what is.

For a start, when you speak with several content creators of League of Legends -some of them, very large, you say that it is difficult to make content-related competition. Not for the impact that they can receive, but so inaccessible. It is as if they don’t put anything easy.

But we have already found different models where influencers and competition fit together. A very clear example are the video of Manute with Attila. Attila was already a figure well-known, of course, but not both. Guilhoto appearing in the small piece is another example. Why is it not exploited more? Looking clubs active partnerships? And what about the leagues? And What About Riot Games?

What truth am I the only one that will occur a thousand ways that they are hand in hand and grow up with each other? Really do not understand anything. I’m going to the bar of Mou.

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