If you’re a fan of terror games you may know the story of Devotiona title of this genre that drew a lot of attention last year for having been removed from Steam due to an inappropriate reference to the president of China, a dispute which is referred to by the study creator as the “incident of the remedy of art”. As a result, the developer went through many problems and decided not to relaunch in the near future. Fortunately, the support of the fans has been such that today it is revealed 2 editions physical PC, but the bad news is that they will sell so very exclusive.

By means of a press release in Facebook, the developer of the title, Red Candle Games, was said to be very grateful for the support response from players of all countries, and to please all those interested in Devotion announced that it will relaunch the game in 2 versions physical, but only in Taiwan.

The company said aware that this measure is not ideal, because it will not satisfy all players who want to play the title, since last year, when speaking publicly of the “incident of the remedy of art”, the developer made it clear that there are no plans to launch Devotion in digital stores. It is for this reason that only was announced a relaunch in physical format. However, it kept alive the hope that arrives someday to online platforms, because it ensured that it works in a number of possibilities and asked for the fans’ patience and trust.

What include the issues of Devotion in physical format?

The packets of which you speak are already available for preorder and sold in exchange for $1200 TWD (new Taiwan dollars) and $900 TWD, which translates into around $41, and $31 USD, respectively. Both editions will contain the base game is saved on a USB memory stick, a children’s book that will have pictures, a separator, and more, as a box illustrated as a VHS. The version the more expensive it will also include the game soundtrack, inside the pink box you see on the image below. As you mentioned, these products are only sold in Taiwan, so if you want to buy any, you’ll have to find a way to import it.

You can do the preorder in the official online store of Red Candle Games.

The package Devotion includes many articles related to the game

In addition to all this, we inform you that the official video of the game appeared again on YouTube.

What you seem to these editions? Are you interested in playing this title? Would you like to come to the West? Tell us in the comments.

This title was available for a short time on sale via Steam in all over the world and was subsequently withdrawn. However, there are people who managed to get it. In fact, after the controversy, it was announced that a major U.s. university preserves a copy of the games Devotion and Detentionthis the last one was also developed by Red Candle Games, to the way of study support tas the situation.



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