The patch 10.8 pointing to a line very specific. The bottom lane is the street with more changes in the next version. At least, that is what passes us by Mark Yetter on his Twitter as usual. You must remember that not detailed the changes, which as we saw with Akali can vary from the SBP to the official server of League of Legends.

Leaving aside the changes to champions most notable is the settings that you want to do in the jungle. This role is one of the pillars of the game. with these settings, looking for the feasibility of more champions in the jungle that clearly dominate the few.

In summary the changes in the jungle are aimed at reducing aid of the jungle to the different streets in the early stages of the game. By counterparty the characters oriented to the control of the map and the scaling can leave really benefited.

The patch 10.8 shoots against the shooters

In the version 10.8 League of Legends the balance team seeks to expand the cast of characters viable in the role of shooter. It has been seen over the last few weeks a presence abuse of Senna, Aphelios, Kalista and Varus. To add more options, these past champions listed above will receive nerfs while Xayah, Tristana or Ashe improved their statistics.

From the output of Senna, Riot Games is having a problem due to its dual nature as a crack shot-support. The scaling that is due to the souls that get can allow you to make a difference even without killing minions.

Ryze, Evelynn, Orianna and Urgot are other characters who will be benefitted in the patch 10.8. Will have to see what adjustments to make in a Ryze that can again be a constant in competitive as in years gone by, on the other hand arrive nerfs necessary to Master Yi and Sett characters in the qualifiers alone are a big problem. In fact, the own Sett you could see up to support at high level.