We already have the official notes of the next patch of League of Legends. In this case it has been the turn of the patch 10.11that will take you to the official server this week, which is led by the arrival of Volibear and the improvements to the shooters.

patch 10.11

Patch notes 10.11 | Source: Riot Games

The ADCs are revived in the patch 10.11

● Improvement of speed of movement of the Fervor. Goes from 5% to 7%

● Improvements to the speed of movement of the Dancer Spectral. Goes from 5% to 7%

● Improvements to the speed of movement of the Hurricane Runaan. Passes 7to 9 %

● Improvements to the speed of movement of the Cannon Rapid Fire. Goes from 5% to 7%

● Improvements to the speed of movement of the Dagger of Statikk. Goes from 5% to 7%

In addition to improve your life, based on the following champions: Aphelios, Ashe, Caitlyn, Draven, Ezreal, Jhin, Jinx, Kaisa, Kogmaw, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Twitch, Varus, and Xayah. Your life base increases by 30 points +2 for every level.

Arrive also improvements additional scaling to Lucian, Kalista, Tristana and Vayne.

Lucian: The critical damage bonus on the second car of the passive passes from 75% to 100%. Correction of the bug of the passive: the basics of the passive does not trigger if the target is out of range

Kalista: The passive damage of the W passes from 10-18 to 14-18% of the maximum life. The cost of the W goes from 20 to 0.

Tristana: The ratio of attack speed goes from .656 to .679

Vayne: The AD basis of the Q goes from 40-70 to 60-80%


● Serious: The initial damage of the Q passes from 35-105 (+100% AD basis) to 35-105 (+80% AD basis)

● Heel: The mana cost of the Q goes up 30 to 40. The healing of the Q to kill it passes of 20-71 to 10-70 (per level of the champion)

● Janna: The damage of the W is reduced from 55-195 to 55-175.

● Syndra: The cooling of the And passed 16-12 seconds to 18-14 seconds.


The handles will not be the only improved in this patch. The following champions will also be reinforced in this 10.11.

● Fiddlesticks: Elapsed time for the eifigie of the passive positions: 1 to 2 segudnos. The Q terrorize the enemy when to prepare the launch of a skill, posing as an effigy. The damage of the W to minions rises from 40% to 60%

Lux: The duration of the slowdown And after the detonation passes of 0.25 seconds to 1 second.

● Gangplank: The ratio of attack speed goes from .658 to .69. Fixed a bug of the barrels of the And with the leave of stackear damage bonus of Sheen.

● Hecarim: The damage of Q increases 55-215 to 60-228. Reduction of damage to minions when Q goes from 33.3% to 40%.

● Kaisa: The AD bonus of the Q goes up from 0.35% to 0.40%. The range of R increases from 1500-2500 to 1500-3000

Visual upgrade

·Cassiopeia: improving the VFX of the skills for greater clarity at the time of playing the champion. The Q enhanced the smoke particles in your skin base to learn more about the range of the skill. For E, the enemies poisoned will have the icon of a fang on them to indicate that they will receive additional damage. For the R, visual improvement in all your skins to find out best the edge of his hitbox, showing more clearly the area affected.

Do not forget that in this patch 10.11 also enter the skins of Astronauts and the rework of Volibear to the official server, which you can find all the information by clicking on this link.

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