In this episode of “Academy LoL” we speak of Sett support. In certain compositions is watching the fighter on the bottom line for its ability to flex. In major competitions, Sett on the bottom line, has played on 5 occasions and has a 100% win rate. Despite the fact that there is still no competition in the patch 10.6, the pick rate in Solo Q has increased with respect to the patch 10.5.

The objective of Sett is to look for the flanking to do the focus when you carry the enemy and get to the back row of the enemy to desposicionarle with the final. In addition, with the objects of support and with the W hold much in the fights.

But, how is “buildea” and with what runes to play?

Runes to Sett

Source: League of Legends

Despite the Sett in mid or on the top line is usually lead with “Conquistador”, as a support to play with “Reverb” to hold up better “tradeos.

The second branch of the runes you opt for accuracy because the Triumph and the Tenacity gives you that stamina is so important Sett in the teamfights.


The build of Sett as a support is quite different to the fighter-only line. The goal with this build is to be as tank as possible to search for initiations with the final and endure as much as possible. They usually buy armor although this depends on much more than the composition of the enemy.

  1. In the first place, opt for the object support.
  2. After, we usually buy the boots to have more mobility and look for the rotations to the middle lane or move to the objectives.
  3. As first item (not counting the boots and the object of support) will purchase the Breastplate of the deadbecause it works very well with Sett.
  4. The second object is one of the most important and depending on the composition of the enemy you can buy up to first item. The Protective stone gargoyle provides magic resistance and armor. In addition, with the passive of goal Sett is much more complicated to kill in the fights.

Improvements ability


The best skill of the champion are the same if you play as a mid laner or as a top laner. It begins “maxeando” the W, then Q and finally E.

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