The young valencian helps boys and girls of 7 to 15 years, to acquire a mindset of success, to gain confidence in themselves and to be responsible for their obligations

Talk to children and teens, you to you to help them to acquire a positive mindset and constructive, to take the studies with discipline and to win trust in themselves: this is the purpose of Fabian Piquer, a young man who has developed a program aimed at boys and girls between seven and fifteen years. This program is part of a premise very clear: that does not sound like a sermon.

With this trainingfree, Fabian Piquer -which now has sixteen-years – wishes to speak to the kids in their same language and from the perspective of someone who has already been before in its place. And that is that he acknowledges that he has been a boy very rebellious and undisciplined, and who now wants to help others avoid repeating the same mistakes. In his own words, “it can help children to develop values without having to teach them as a teacher, and without treating them as a dictator. And encourage them in a fun way to have confidence in themselves, become more responsible and to take school more seriously.”

Fabian Piquer has an anecdote that illustrates one of the moments that made him change his way of thinking and approach to your life. According to account, “all my friends were very good playing Fortnite but I was very bad and wanted to become like them. My father told me that the secret to being good at something was to practice a lot, so we did and I ended up being very good.” After some time, Fabian noticed how many hours I had been playing Fortnite, and the figure will be left to ice cream: “I went out 698 hours. That, divided in eight hours a day, give 87 days; that is to say, that in this time you can become an expert of anything.” His father made him see that “if all the hours I had dedicated to Fortnite had been dedicated to another thing would be a crack, and that phrase changed me. If you want to be the best on the Playstation you have to spend a lot of time, and the same if you want to be a footballer, a chef, or any other profession.”

Another turning point in the life of Fabian Piquer was when, at twelve years old, she attended a training of personal growth is accompanied by a parent, that alone had told him that they were going to a trip of two days. The experience we liked it so much that I continued to seek others similar, in the form of events, trainings and readings, and he himself has finished writing and publishing the book Organize your life with 16 steps.

Once it was clear things needed to change in his life and dealt with success, turned his experience into the training. Now, through several videos, Fabian Piquer share their formulas for solve problems in a constructive way and improve the communication, without losing the nerves and without any conversation with their parents leads to a discussion.

Other objectives the Free program they are to instill in children the idea that they have to be responsible for their own actions and teach them to acquire a mindset of success -what it means to have a vision of the future and concern for learning new things – and not to put excuses to meet their obligations.

Fabian Piquer also has his secrets to start every day full of energy. And, above all, teaches us to adopt a positive attitude in the face of all: an attitude that helps to plant the seeds to harvest also positive responses from the rest of the people.

Niños positivos

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