The short break of Tfeu Fortnite has finished. You have found a new balance; Twitch.

Streamer of Twitch and professional player of Fortnite, Turner “Tfeu” Tenney, has been present since the beginning of the increasing unpredictability of the game in the attention. Saw one of the peaks of popularity more significant in the history of the transmission platform Twitch, rivaling only with the Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Before Fortnite, Tfeu made a career for himself in 2015, accelerating the popular title from Bungie Destiny on their YouTube channel. He then moved to competitive games with PUBG and H1Z1 title Battle Royale. He soon became one of the most famous players in the world as a result of its success in Fortnite.

Lately, Tfeu had fought with Fortnite and became one of his critics more boisterous. Their problems with Fortnite initially generated discussion on whether Tfeu needed a break or if he planned to get away from the game that helped them to grow in completely.

The history of Tfeu in Fortnite

In 2017, Epic Games released Fortnite: Battle Royale with an incredible amount of praise. Tfeu was one of the many players and personalities that participated in the boom initial. Millions of players saw it as Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff, Ninja, Ali “Myth” Kabbani, Tfeu and countless others passed daily Fortnite.

The competitive race of the Tfeu in Fortnite began with the tournaments Keemstar UMG Friday Fortnite. He and the eventual partner of the duo Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore won several of these tournaments “race bot”. Tfeu and Cloakzy finally joined the popular organization of electronic sports FaZe Clan. The two remained on top of the world Fortnite, winning $ 400,000 at the end of the Skirmish of autumn in October of 2018. The superstar of Twitch spent a little over a year with FaZe Clan, before you file a lawsuit against them alleging the terms of the contract unfair. Since then, Tfeu has been on a road alone with tens of thousands of viewers tuned in to their transmissions daily.

Tfeu continued to perform in the higher level tournaments until today. Some achievements include qualification for the Cup of the World of Fortnite and the End of the Series of Champions Fortnite in the Season X, Chapter 2, Season 1, and Chapter 2, Season 2. Finally, it replaced the former duo partner Cloakzy with a promising player controller with name Scoped . Despite the moderate success in tournaments, Tfeu has made clear its views on the current state of Fortnite.

Dissatisfaction with Fortnite

The former player of the Clan FaZe has had a love-hate relationship with Fortnite throughout his career transmission. The turning point for Tfeu happened in the Chapter 2, Season 2. His criticisms of Fortnite is related to your favoritism towards players drivers, the nature a little competitive, and the presence of weapons, mythical among many others. Towards the end of the season, Tfeu participated in the solo tournament FNCS Invitational.

The competition allowed the entrance to all of the finalists earlier of FNCS. Struggled to compete with the multitude of snipers, professional players and problems in the game. After the tournament, Tfeu walked away slowly of Fortnite in favor of Call of Duty: Warzone in that, in that moment, it seemed to be a permanent decision.

Brief pause for Fortnite

The fans and the personalities they wondered if Tfeu would never play or compete in Fortnite until that Epic Games will change the way you act. Despite a goal recently to help nerf, Tfeu continued transmitting Warzone exclusively in place of its counterpart. The partner of the duo Tfeu, Scoped, indicated during the rest of Tfeu which would unite with the star of Twitch to threesomes Chapter 2, Season 3. However, it would depend on if Tfeu chose to play Fortnite so competitive next season.

From the round reset FNCS Invitational, Tfeu had been transmitted only 3.6 hours of Fortnite in your channel Twitch until the release of the Sand Trio. Compare this to the 46.5 hours of the Warzone that was transmitted. Tfeu had found another title Battle Royale which sparked her interest. Warzone is not angered Tfeu as Fortnite. Seemed serious for Fortnite, taking into account that Tfeu had no real need to re-immerse themselves in Fortnite at that time. Would not last long, however, your rest gave to the fans of Fortnite a look at a world without one of their players most iconic.

Expanding horizons

One of the positive aspects of the recent move of Tfeu to the Warzone was their ability to collaborate. It has been associated with people such as Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, Dr.’t disrespect, Mason “Symfuhny” Lanier and even the former partner of Fortnite, Cloakzy. It seems that they are having fun with Warzone and the opportunities it presents. Even competes in tournaments of the Warzone regularly.

In terms of audience from Twitch, Tfeu continued to be one of the best on the platform despite the decision to move away temporarily from Fortnite. Still averaged between 20 and 40 thousand spectators in any transmission. At least, Tfeu found comfort in knowing that your fan base cares more about the personality than by the game that you’re playing.

Returns to Fortnite with motivation

After what seemed to be a much needed break, Tfeu returned to Fortnite with the launch of the playlist Sand Trio. His return led him to form a trio with his duo partner, Scoped and innocent, another player of high command. The combination of dual-controller, keyboard and mouse seem to have fun and at the same time find success at Elite Trio Scrims. Although the table of classification of Mayhem certainly is not gospel, Tfeu, Scoped and innocent people are getting too many deletions. This trio will be a formidable Trio Cash Cups the next season.

Not fact after all

The people were really unsure of whether Tfeu would ever Fortnite, whether competitive or casual. Yes, the background and the audience are there, but Tfeu seemed to be experiencing a burnout with the game. The change to the Warzone might have been his best decision after several years of transmission, mainly Fortnite. His criticisms of the game consumed it, and return to threesome with two players drivers outstanding have to Tfeu in the head space correct.

No matter what you think of the star of Twitch, attracts many viewers, which puts the eyes in the competition of Fortnite. Tfeu is now mixing Fortnite with Warzone, which has worked well. With the Season 3 of Chapter 2 in less than a week away, surely we will see Tfeu again in the competition, seeking to dominate The Grotto once more. The following video will show you what it means to dominate in Fortnite.

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