The delays in the Season 3 Fortnite continue to give of what to speak on, as well as what is doing the alleged teaser that has appeared within the game to a user of the battle royale.

Fortnite continues to wait for the arrival of Season 3, and the final event that leads, waiting with forward to the community’s battle royale. The last delay announcement was made that the Season 3 go to landing later, but already you can begin to see more signs of its imminent arrival.

While it is not known what will happen with the end of the current season, many rumors, leaks, and other speculations have already wanted to make it clear. What comes after The Day of the Final Judgment is a mystery, but of course, you will end up revealing in the form of teasers or trailers.

Each new season, Fortnite publishes a kinematic and a trailer in which to sample the trends of the season. This video appears when you log in to the game, something that we just happen to a player very recently.

This lamp RGB color changing automatically and it has several power sources, in addition to a heat sink in the lower area.

The course trailer for Fortnite Season 3 might have been revealed if it were not for the player he has only appeared a black screen accompanied by a mysterious audio that could accompany or belong to the future teaser that post Epic Games in a few days. Take a look at the publication of Reddit.

Received this video when I loaded up my game, any info? from r/FortNiteBR

Still a few days left to the end of season (June 15). Remember that also you have given the solution to the remaining challenges of the previous weeks, so if you still have some mission pending, please do not hesitate to take a look at our guides.

And, of course, nor do we have lost the citations with Deadpool and you have been told how to solve all of their challenges:

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