The official release of the Xbox Series X is still pending. Some players have apparently already received their consoles. Just stupid that at least one of them was the wrong generation in the package …

What has happened there? An Xbox gamer posted their pre-order on the Xbox Series X subreddit. His thread has the simple title: “Well, I just got my pre-ordered All Access Series X …”

A picture is attached. However, this does not show the hoped-for Xbox Series X, but its predecessor, the Xbox One X. It is a few years older and can certainly not compete with the performance of the new model:

The name problem came up when the next-gen console was first made available for pre-order. It seemed to manifest that many players, the Xbox One X bought instead of the Xbox Series X.

In the case of Reddit user L3Jane, however, that did not happen. He asserts: “Yes, I checked my order three times and it is for Series X. That was in Australia via Telstra.”

He has attached a picture of his order.

Some players already have the Xbox Series X – the real one

Who Has the Xbox Series X Already? According to some reports, other players have already received their consoles – even the correct ones. That even seemed to happen quite often, which is probably due to the sheer volume of pre-orders.

As a result, there was some uncertainty among the players as to whether they were allowed to use the consoles at all. After all, they have not officially appeared yet. Microsoft commented on this and said clearly: If you have your Xbox Series X, you can safely play.

Those who have not yet been able to pre-order an Xbox Series X will probably have to wait a while. The new console is completely sold out – once again. It seems to be extremely popular, even PlayStation fans prefer to use Xbox this time.

When will the Xbox Series X arrive? The official release of the console is Tuesday, November 10th. So many players will be happy about their package tomorrow and be able to unpack their new Xbox. L3Jane will probably not help much – he will first have to go through the seller’s customer support in order to complain about his order.