As we’ve previously reported, Fortnite has received the mode Party Royale. In this mode, the weapons in the game do not work, and in their place there are different activities related to non-lethal weapons from the vending machines, visits to soccer fields, telephone booths and interactive change our attire, clubs, outdoor, a cinema room and more. We also found a new set of challenges extravagant for this new experience, so do not hesitate to give him a chance.

Well, the canald e YouTbe of GamsSport has comaprtido a video where he shows us a tour of this mode. We leave you the following:

In this video, we play through a series of challenges that take place on a map of the island. The new way leaves out the combat and changes the usual skirmishes of 100 players for a small team. Party Royale includes custom activities and allows players to hang out and compete in a racing style point of control, such as skydiving, swimming, quads, and guns.

What do you think?