Michael Jordan it is considered the best player of the NBA of all time, also it has placed among the former professional athletes of the world’s richest.

Michael Jordan

Since Jordan retired in 2003, has developed a lucrative career after basketball, mainly through agreements with Nike. So much so, that Forbes estimated that his net worth is $ 2.1 billion.

Starting in 2015, according to reports, he was earning $100 million a year just from the royalties from Nike. And their revenues are now so much more than your salary game total during his career.

He won a total of $ 90 million in salary from the NBA, and around $ 63 million of that total came in his last two seasons with the Chicago Bulls.

According to Forbes, the annual earnings of Jordan were approximately $ 145 million. By way of comparison, it is estimated that LeBron James earn less than $ 90 million a year in salary, winnings and endorsements.

The Charlotte Hornets added zeros to his account

The fortune of the star of the basketball is estimated to be around $ 2.1 billion thanks to the courage heights of its NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets.

Michael Jordan

Jordan bought the Charlotte Hornets in 2010 $ 175 million, and officially became a billionaire in 2014 when the value of the NBA franchise increased.

The team is now worth more than $ 1.5 billion, and owns 97% of the shares of the club.

Jordan sold a minority stake in the club in 2019, but, according to the report, has no interest in ceding control of the team. Still waiting for the day that the Hornets win a championship.

The own Michael Jordan has said that to win a championship as an owner would be more gratifying than any of the six rings that he won as a player.

The alliance’s million-dollar Michael Jordan and Nike

Nike it has always been the major sponsor of Jordan, both financially and commercially.

The giant of the sports apparel he has paid an estimated $ 1.3 billion by the count of Forbes, from which signed its first agreement with Jordan in 1984, helping to convert it into a cultural icon.

The income of $ 40 billion of Nike in the last 12 months were 60% more than the Adidas and 43 times more than what it was before to add to Jordan. Nike by itself now generates approximately $ 3 billion in revenue each year.

The popularity of Air Jordans there has been a resurgence in recent years thanks to the partnerships of celebrities to connect with a younger audience and new versions of styles retro, to re-connect with the fans over.

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The house Sotheby’s auctioned recently the iconic sneaker ‘Nike Air Jordan 1S‘ with that the basketball legend Michael Jordan played games in 1985 and autografió with permanent marker. The auction price ranged between 100,000 and $ 150,000.

Mark Jordan, a value of more than $ 10 billion

Brand Jordan had revenues of $ 3.1 billion in the fiscal year that ended in may of 2019, only the 8% of the income of the company, but probably represents a large part of the market value, because its rate of growth 10% is more rapid than that of the company in general.

The brand is worth easily more than $ 10 billionin addition to billions of dollars in profits that has generated over 35 years and their impact halo in sales of other products of the brand Nike.

The brand of MJ shows no signs of slowing down. “What’s most exciting is that we are still in the early stages of diversifying the portfolio of Jordan”said former CEO Mark Parker to announce fiscal results for the second fiscal quarter of Nike in December, which included the first quarter of billion dollars for the brand Jordan.

And it doesn’t stop there, the brand of Jordan Nike it has even been associated with the popular video game “Fortnite”.

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