The most creative members of the League of Legends community will always find a way to turn arts impressive in the next few wallpapers of music’s most passionate fans.

One of these fans recently shared some pieces of his work, in which used artificial intelligence to make arts in 2D of Riot Games, arts 3D.

Although some parts with the champions teetered a little at the doublings that occurred in the process, the landscapes were breathtaking. Those who use desktop backgrounds live also will want to get hold of the animated versions to their screens.

The artist also published a tutorial on YouTube to guide all those who are curious about the process. The art gives a feeling of 3D, but in reality it is a technique called parallax movement. This method requires from the layers of the same image, moving at different speeds. This is to try to mimic the sense of depth that gives it that 3D effect.

For a beginner, the method of parallax motion could take time, if we consider that the rookie was doing it manually, separating each layer and working on each one individually. However, the most interesting of the tutorial of the artist is without a doubt your use of the AI. He was able to use a single image as reference, and take care of the rest of the process without masks or layers.

Riot also share animated versions of his art for the loading screen, which could be useful for those fans that are looking for your next wallpaper.

This article was originally published in English by Gökhan Çakır may 23, 2020.